About The Radford Park Residents Association

The Radford Park Residents Association is a voluntary group of residents who meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues that affect us.

It gives residents the chance to get actively involved in the long-term management of the estate.

It provides residents with an effective way to make their views known to the developers, local authorities and management agents.

Our Aims and Priorities

  • Continue to build a sense of community with residents engaging with one another through regular social events whilst looking out for one another on a day to day basis.
  • Work closely with the key stakeholders for the local area to ensure residents views are represented and stakeholders are held accountable for their responsibilities including Accordant Estates (The Managing Agent), The Estate Management Companies, Bellway, Bloor, Peabody Housing Association, Basildon & Essex Councils, Essex Highways, South Essex Parking Partnership and Local Councillors.
  • Work with the community on delivery of appropriate community projects using funds raised.
  • Engaging and working with the wider community and groups for the benefit of the residents including liaising with other Resident Associations in the Laindon and Langdon Hills area.
  • Continue to focus on the parking issue on the estate aiming to get an acceptable solution in place for all parties which should complement the potential introduction of a new bus route, including pursuing completion of parking restrictions on School Avenue.
  • Continue to ensure that the land reserved for a community facility is developed in line with residents wants and needs for the area.
  • Acting and engaging as representatives in relation to any ad hoc local community issues

For more information on the benefits of joining the Residents Association, please open the link below

RPRA Joining Leaflet Q2 2019